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I'm a New York City-based SAG-AFTRA / AEA Actor, trained with the Atlantic Theater Company and with Terry Schreiber, who loves to tell incredible stories through unusual characters. I have played a betrayed Ancient Roman warrior, a caring father who comes back from the dead, the true-life "Mosaic Man"of NYC's East Village, an on-the-edge local Sheriff, a one-armed Korean War veteran, a hopeful concentration camp prisoner, a concerned school counselor on a tragic day, a murderous bastard son, and the last male on earth.  I have an infinite arsenal of characters within, with many more stories to tell on stage and in frame. 

I am also a longtime Teaching Artist with who believes passionately in bringing access and opportunities for the arts to underserved youth, and that theatre has the power to connect and transform lives. I hold a Master's Degree in Educational Theatre from the City College of New York and currently teach for Lincoln Center Theater, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), DreamYard (the Bronx's largest arts organization), and Broadway Teaching Group.

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